Earn your Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Step into a cutting-edge career with this affordable, fully online certificate program. 

Position Yourself for Exciting Career Opportunities

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. From opening your phone with face ID and scrolling through your personalized social media feeds to making a Google search and browsing through your Netflix recommendations, AI has become a huge part of everyday life.  

 If you’re hoping to enhance your computing skillset or transition to an in-demand tech role, the Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence will prepare you to develop the AI software that powers every aspect of modern programs.   

Stand out to potential employers by mastering advanced AI skills, including data mining, natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, autonomous robotics, and neural networks that power technologies like smart assistants, facial recognition, and self-driving cars.  

Is a Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Right for You?

This program is ideal for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and some statistics knowledge.  A background in engineering, physics, math, or quantitative biology is helpful, but not required. Students will also need programming knowledge, including experience with Python.  

With full- and part-time options, the program is designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. This certificate is also an excellent fit for those aspiring to earn a master’s degree in engineering, as it serves as a pathway to the Master of Science in Data Intelligence.  

Why Choose USF's Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence?


Affordable Costs

Low tuition rates result in significant ROI. 



Fast Completion

Finish the short, 12-credit-hour program within a matter of months.  



No GRE Required

Test scores are not needed to apply.


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Apply the credit hours you earn toward USF's Master of Science in Data Intelligence.  

A Lucrative Career Field

Establish yourself in a well-compensated and rapidly expanding industry. When you complete the Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, you’ll gain the necessary skills to build next-generation AI tools and enter this high-demand tech sector. The median national salary for professionals with AI expertise is well over $100,000 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

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Who Should Apply?

This program is an excellent fit for computer science graduates who want to level up their current skillset and become artificial intelligence experts. Students interested in the program who do not have a computer science degree can complete USF's Pathway to Computing Certificate to become eligible for the AI certificate. 

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Take Advantage of a Smooth Route to a Master’s Degree

Why stop with a graduate certificate? Once you earn the Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, you can apply the credits toward USF’s fully online Master of Science in Data Intelligence program, saving time and money. Completing advanced studies may qualify you for AI project management positions or other leadership roles.  

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