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Cybersecurity Master's Degree

A program offered by the University of South Florida

cybersecurity_2The Demand for cybersecurity jobs is growing at 12 times the overall job market.

Cyber attacks are severely affecting industries across the globe, including energy, financial, government, healthcare and retail. The skills required are scarce in the industry. In research published by HP, 40 percent of junior-level security jobs are vacant. At the senior and manager level, there are vacancy rates of more than 50 percent. 

USF will prepare you with the necessary skills you need to be competitive in the high-paying field of cybersecurity.


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Program Information

Our 30-33 credit hour Master's Degree program offers fully-online classes with multiple options designed to fit your needs. Choose from the following program concentrations: 

  • Cyber Intelligence - Acquire and assess the intentions, capabilities, and activities of potential adversaries and insiders who pose a threat, including attack methods that target people to penetrate systems, sometimes referred to as social engineering.
  • Digital Forensics - Gain the skills you need to investigate computer, cyber, and electronic crimes; to analyze networks that have been attacked or used for illicit purposes; and to properly identify, collect, secure, and present digital evidence.
  • Information Assurance - Learn a core foundation of knowledge and applied expertise in information security controls, the regulatory environment, and information risk management and incident response.

Tuition and Fees

Military Tuition Assistance, Veteran's GI Bill and State Tuition Wavers may be used to pay for the master's degree. Financial Aid and scholarships may be available.

In State 
$481.49 per credit hour ($347.91 tuition + $133.52 student services fees)

Out of State 
$927.17 per credit hour ($772.43 tuition + $154.74 student services fees)

Important Dates

Most courses are delivers in an eight-week format over multiple sessions.

Fall 2015
Session 1: Aug. 24 – Oct. 16
Session 2: Oct. 19 – Dec. 18

Spring 2016 
Session 1: Jan. 11 – March 4
Session 2: March 7 – Ap. 29

Summer 2016
Session 1: May 2 – June 24
Session 2: June 27 – Aug. 12

More information

For more information, contact Lisa Or at 813-974-5565 or cybereducation@usf.edu